I am a lens-based artist living in Brooklyn and making work throughout the United States.  I grew up in a family of photographers but fell in love with the medium after taking an elective darkroom class at the University of Miami while pursuing a degree in advertising.  I eventually abandoned my original career path for a life devoted to image making.  I am currently working on self-publishing a book from my long-term project "Flower Mound."

“Flower Mound” borrows its title from the suburban Texas town where I grew up and frequently returned to as an adult while both of my parents were succumbing to separate battles with cancer. Throughout these years I was enveloped in a thick cloud of nostalgia. The light was swiftly fading from the people and the place I considered my first home. I photographed heavily during this time as an attempt to save everything I would soon lose forever. The resulting images capture those fleeting moments of intimacy, joy and grief. Woven together they serve as a lyrical reflection on love, loss and the ephemeral nature of life.


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Image © Svetlana Jovanovic

Image © Svetlana Jovanovic